Friday, September 23, 2011

back from hiking

I have had a wonderful and life enhancing trip to the eastern sierras and to Mt. Whitney
I feel energized, purified and re-purposed.
Please bring on more great challenges and summits for me to climb
( but wait until this soreness goes away)
Thank you to many who prayed for my health and safety.
I rejoice at all the good gifts God has given me, including, of course, YOU!


Amrita said...

Oh wow you are back safely - so happy to hear that

David said...

I told a large group of men, on wed night, in a very firm voice: "we are the most fortunate people on this earth" and they agreed with me heartily. this on a night when dark would fall at 7:30 and cold would be below 20, and some of them would rise as early as 3am to slam their tired soles against the granite for ten or twelve hours.
I most certainly was the highest, the most ebullient on the summit, both before and after i vaulted mom's little wood box, one of her crosses, and dad's ashes into the ever present wind. I came down with a very light heart. walked D O W N from 1 pm to 8:40pm.... pastor friend picked me up and i got the last room at a cool old hotel, ate pizza, had beer, slept clean on a mattress and cotton sheets. I need no greater adventure or thrill, though I am sure they will come.

ReJoyce said...

Thanks for letting us share in your emotions as you recount your adventure. It does MY soul good. Blessings.