Tuesday, August 23, 2011

higher trails

i need to go back to my teens
when I followed men up trails away from asphalt
and away from phones, up into forest thick
and streams running clear

I feel the pull of high places, uncrowded spaces
lacking nothng, but wanting more
i will walk a dusty trail, wade a shallow stream
and go back to the days of Tang and powdered eggs
back to empty canteens but full vistas of monolithic granite
I will retrace the steps of my fathers best days
and give to myself the gift of a thousand moments full of grandeur

Today begins my plan and packing. within a month i shall be ready
to walk for a week in the company of small trees and giant rocks
to revel in the blending of my past and present
to recreate, and to regenerate.
if another strong soul wants to walk along, I welcome that.


Amrita said...

A nostalgiac and reflective poem David.

It will be waesome to retrace the tracks of the past and enjoy the memories and feelings attatched with them.

God will be with you on this journey

David said...

i depart in 24 days, much to do, but in many ways i am more ready than ever before

Snaggle Tooth said...

You are so lucky to have such natural places to enjoy creation. All the woods here have been trodden thru, altered, n are shallow, not pristine. It's difficult to find alone places anymore. The litter is appalling!