Thursday, July 14, 2011

i need more

i need more of my own resilience more of gut-level determination and spark, to get done with some of the overdue tasks that have been slipping by in the past months and years.
I also need abundant wisdom ( that I truly believe God will give me if I stay open to Him) for daily decisions and small things that if handled now will make for a better tomorrow
it is times like these that make me appreciate my own father, and want to tap into the lessons he taught me.
He has been gone 33 years, and , yes, that leaves me feeling a little cheated.  however in  the 23 years i had him as my earthly father he guided me well.  i will honor him and my heavenly father by making the best of these days and weeks ahead.  i am having a good summer with my own growing family
( two sons plus two daughters-in- law, and my own sweet hannah)  

"Teach me, dear Lord to appreciate each one, as you do, and to love them better than I have in the past"


Amrita said...

My prayer for you my very dear friend is thaqt you may be healthy an d prosperous in every way as you are in soul. 3 JOHN 2 (Pillips translation

Anonymous said...

Yes, really.

Donetta said...

So happy you are surrounded by life and that you are experiencing it to the top

David said...

the prayers of my family and you my dear friends, are holding me up and allowing me to drive forward into the coming day.