Friday, June 17, 2011

I have not talked much

when I was alone, i needed this pace more as a 'listening friend',
now it seems that since I am part of an amazing 'power couple', I do most of my conversing with one special person and do not have so many unexpressed inner thoughts, longings and dreams. My recent work is also great medicine, bring out the child/creative me, at the same time as it exhausts 85% of my human energy. the challenges are good ones, physical, emotional, and a good bit of self therapy in there as well. my eyes are working at the same time as my imagination; is what i just did right? and what goes next to or on top of that? will it all fit, look good and last a long time?

I love my writing and will come back here now and again to add to this space, or to tune or edit some postings. Know that if I am not here, I am out there enjoying a great summer, and making things that improve my corner of this world.

My children ( 2/3 of them) are here for the summer, and I look forward to all that potential. There is so very much to do on all fronts, pray that I will be inspired, motivated and have great energy for the work, and the play.

I want ( and need ) to travel to see some of my mom's relatives ( that I have never met) before it is too late. i want to see Seattle, and am dreaming of a trip to Germany, in the fall. I need lots of possibilities to keep me happy. if they all don't happen this year, that will be alright. It is in God's hands.

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Amrita said...

Let the Lord guide you David.

Happy Father 's Day