Friday, April 01, 2011

April fine.

as in fine and dandy.

I worked hard on the Fireplace yesterday
and the guest closets, but have to do some major cleanup on the job site today
It is getting so I can hardly walk through
and finding tools is a challenge.
wish me luck! and energy.
God bless you all ( both)
a blog must have readers to be real....


Amrita said...

Hi David, good to hear about your home improvement projests are coming on fine.

I am also taking up new challenges in my church ministry - trying to s-r-t-e-c-h.

I read that a rubber band has no value unless it is stretched. I am trying to exert myself some more.

Please pray for Sahima,(Jags niece - she is quite ill - the poor 6 year old child)

Snaggle Tooth said...

I'm well aware how a break was needed after all you've experienced recently!
You came back- that's what counts. Let folks know, n I'm sure more than 2 will come back!

Glad you're fixing the place up. Great FL pics!