Monday, March 14, 2011

redoing the front room

long overdue for fresh paint and badly in need of a dose of color and personality, mom's room is getting a makeover. I did this on Sunday, and the weather was warm enough to open one window a bit for ventilation.  I also did a massage for my friend, Lisa.
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Amrita said...

Looks very nice David.Did you do the whole room in one day? In India it would take longer. First we scrape the flakes and marks off - fill up the uneven surfaces with putty etc., then apply one coat ,after it dries we apply another coat, ours are brick and cement walls. On wood it goes faster i suppose.

When are you leaving for FL? I thought you were already there?

David said...

the walls were in good shape, so i brushed off the dust, and one coat of paint covers nicely, it took me half a day on Sunday

Anonymous said...

just came by to say HI and tell you that you're awesome... :-)