Wednesday, January 26, 2011

mom. my eulogy

Dorothy loved being a mom, and we loved being her children.
there is no way to share even a small portion of that love with you today in these few words. She cared deeply, believed in people and gave generously within her family and to her community.
Mom moved to big Bear after our father died in 1978. She was alone for the first time in almost 40 years, but faith and determination got her through. meeting good people such as yourself made her life rich. everywhere she went she found kindness, acceptance and opportunity. this small town was just her size.
Here she made friends, built a new life around her church, the school where she worked and the library. if you know mom at all you know she loved to read! Her desire to learn and grow took her into bible studies. her need to serve was met in the legion of Mary.


you were a big part of her and who she came to be in the thirty years she spent with you, here. She shed some of her previous life when she left Van Nuys to move here, glad to be away from the crowds, the traffic and the noise.
There is no doubt that she EXTENDED her life when she moved to these beautiful mountains. Of course we are thankful that she lived a long and healthy life, largely free of any accidents or ailments. The most significant Extension of mom's life was how she moved outward from her little five room cabin into this generous, warm, healing community. Here she learned to overcome the loss of her husband of 36 years, she found her own strength, deepened her faith and developed more of that resolve that made her who she was. She found a way, some times she had to make a way. She even had to push obstacles out of the way, and God was with her every step!

we look forward hearing from some of you and hearing your stories

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