Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dorothy Schmidt 02/06/1919 to 12/27/2010

Thank you is not enough to say to the many friends of Dorothy Schmidt. With her passing Monday, we, her family, wanted to express our deep gratitude for the many prayers, visits and kind thoughts offered to her and to us.
Her body has now ceased to function but her strength and spirit are undiminished by physical death. Her love was never confined to the room she was in or her own home, and it is in no way be reduced by her passing from this finite world. Her joy at living is implanted in every mountain meadow, every cool stream and the sound of the breeze in the pines.
She is not be gone, nor dead. She is suddenly more alive than we could ever imagine, and now not limited by aches or stiffness. The Lord that she honored with her life and service to her community now asks that we honor her with our own valiant struggle against the enemies of mortal man.
Grieve but recover from your grief. Cry but then dry your tears.
In all these things Dorothy has been our example, our guide.
So please go outdoors, be with your loved ones, invest in people.
Honor your elders, for they hold history within themselves.
Rejoice in the little ones who are our future.
Teach some one to read and open for them a portal to the world.
She loved her garden and flowers but does not wish that you gather these for her, today. Bring a bouquet of kindness, an arrangement of generosity, a handful of loving words offered to another. These are what she gave to us.

Her last days were spent at her home in the company of her children, grandchildren and friends as she had requested. Her community of faith, St. Joseph's, will be the place where we shall all celebrate her life and passing on to glory.
Dorothy Schmidt is still with us; in every kind word we share, in every sunset we enjoy and most of all in our hearts where the love of God reminds us that we are all special.


Amrita said...

Dear David we prais e Go d for Mom Dorothy s life, you have written such a beautiful post.

I want to send some verses to express my feelings for such a wonderful mother.


Songs my mother taught me,
In the days long vanish'd
Seldom from her eyelids
Were the teardrops banish'd.
Now I teach my children
Each melodious measure,
Oft the teardrops flowing,
Oft they flow from my mem'ry's treasure.
-- Author Unknown

A picture memory brings to me;
I look across the years and see
Myself beside my mother's knee.
I feel her gentle hand restrain
My selfish moods, and know again
A child's blind sense of wrong and pain.
But wiser now,
a man gray grown,
My childhood's needs are better known.
My mother's chastening love I own.
-- John Greenleaf Whittier (1807-1892)

Praying for all of you

Bob-kat said...

A lovely tribute to a someone who was obviously a wonderful woman and a loving mother. My condolences to you and your family.

ReJoyce said...

Words fail...but wanted you to know I was here...

David said...

God was .. and is good to us all.
Mercy is flowing and grace abounds.
We are glad for your love and prayers

Snaggle Tooth said...

Your Mother was indeed a wonderful gift to those she touched.

I hope now, a few weeks later, you're doing alright-

Donetta said...

David today I too was in the garden. The joy she felt there could not compare with any other.
The life formed at her hand. Not only in the garden but in you and yours.
You are blessed to now become the elder and by her example you too will shine
Be Embraced

It has been a while from time of my last visit.

What delight that she was there to share Christmas with all of you.

colleen said...

Well said, David. Stay in touch.