Thursday, October 07, 2010

FALL?? not at all

better days
we are having a great life
all of us
and it is surely because of God's goodness
the sky is clear today
and I see wonderful occasions to celebrate
in the future

this weekend is parents weekend at Hannah's university
so I will be down there seeing her Saturday and part of Sunday.


jel said...

hope ya have a good visit with her! :)

Amrita said...

Our God gives you everything you need,
makes you everything you are to be.

1 Thess 1;2 (Message Bible)

Have a good weekend with Hannah.I am sure you will be treated to some glorious music too.

Yesterday i went to a women 's Bible study . There were 10 young women and girls, most of them first timers and all of them from non-Christian backgrounds.

But they all drank in the Word of God so eagerly. It was wonderful to see their faith. My faith was built up seeing this.

David said...

its getting cold, yes, but only when the sun is not shining on us