Wednesday, September 08, 2010

headed south

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are we headed south? toward winter?
yes indeed, if we are past fifty, we are likely headed into the latter half of our lives and certainly into the area of greatest uncertainty. but there should not be fear or distress. Any age, with God at your side is a time of growth, of joy and of renewal. Be better, not in and of yourself, but a better servant of others, a better reflection of divinity, and a better picture of immortality. These eighty, ninety or hundred years on earth are just a small foretaste of what living really is.


Amrita said...

A great big AMEN to that David, I ma headed in that direction, altho not quite there.

God is with us no matter what age we are, we just have to let Him be the Lord and Master of our lives.

I r3ead a qoute---

I consider everybody 15 years older than me as old.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Life is certainly an adventure which gets more interesting with time!