Thursday, August 05, 2010

random thoughts from camping

many fun moments and some mildly stressful ones too

it does not pay to get too far from a reliable coffee pot
and LEARNING never stops.

the people closest to you ( in the next campsite) will irritate you the most

Girl scouts really do have more fun.

time together is all we have, and it is made more precious by time apart
( i realize this seems to make no sense)

many good writings will come from my sailboat accident

Mom is a good camper - still - at 91

i am a good camper at 55 as long as I have hot showers

hannah is a good camper and will be for a good long time
she is also great with her grandma

more later....

question of the day: Are you a good camper?


Kathryn said...


Amrita said...

Hi David,

I am impressed Mom went with you.

The RV type camping would be OK for me. Because of my arthritis sleeping on a sleeping bag on the ground would be hard.

jel said...

I use too be a good camper, but not anymore :(

hey thanks for stopping by.

oh did ya get the picture I sent ya?

have a good weekend :)

Thomas and Shilpy said...

David - Thank you for stopping by my blog. I see that you manage 4-5 blogs and are doing a good job of it...Thomas

Snaggle Tooth said...

Hope you had fun!
True pearls of wisdom here...
Sailboat accident? Hope the mast survived, n you didn't swallow too much water!

I'm a great camper tho haven't for years- was a Girl Scout all thru school, plus I won an esteemed fire award at my girls scout camp trip due to building a "tee-pee fire" in the pouring rain so we could cook!

Sometimes living here is like camping out, too...

Happy BDay!

Donetta said...

Hello David
I am such a happy camper and the camp trailer has a spider web formed on the wheel. boo hoo only got to use it one time this summer.

I think I would love to sit around the bon fire with your sweet mom and you

Bob-kat said...

I'm a good camper as long as I have a few home comforts, like access to hot showers and a comfortable bed (I simply must have a pillow!).

Amrita said...

Have a question for you David.

Do people make brick and cement houses in America, or are the houses wooden or pre-fab?

sage said...

Yep, I can even forgo warm showers if I have hot coffee :)

hydroxatone said...

Thanks a lot for this. I really love to go on camping.

HQT said...

Girl Scouts do have more fun! But we thought the Boy Scouts had all the fun while we were stuck doing "crafts"