Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dear Arizona

I am not sure what you did to make a few powerful and influential people hate you, but I know it is wrong to "stick your nose in some one else's business"! The trouble is your business and the rest of the states are linked. When you get over run by invaders, they are on their way to some where north of you. When burlap back packs full of weed get past your guard it ends up getting peddled to our middle school kids.
I just wanted to say thanks, to your state legislature and your governor for taking a stand. please be patient with me - when it cools off, after labor day, I will be coming over to say thanks in person.
Look for me in the RV with the big I <3 Arizona bumper sticker.
Fro now, be patient, and know that you are doing good.

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Snaggle Tooth said...

I work in a place where if you mention "Illegal Imigrants" you're fired for being predjudiced cus most employees there (n the Boss)are from S.America!