Wednesday, May 19, 2010

wishing her all the best

thanks for your prayers:
Mom continues to incline
( not decline ... not my mom!)
mom is inclined to be resting
and celebrating Jesus in heaven
having done all she can to love and build up her family
and having carefully thought about her life and care
she is surrounded by care and love and grace every day.

Mom is inclined to stop the struggle for energy and
the fight against the stiffness and pain of her long term arthritis
She is inclined to once again have her youthful voice and clear eyes.
Mom is inclined to take God up on His offer of a new body, and trade in her old model ( a 1919 model!)
I don't think it will happen today, I really have no clues
but I just know that is what she is longing for.


Kathryn said...

Oh, David. You have such a gentle spirit & such a lovely way of seeing/expressing things. Your mama is so blessed to have you with her.

I pray that she will allow herself to be gently enfolded in the arms of Jesus when it is time. And that you will have peace with its coming.

Much love & hugs.

Pat said...

How beautifully put. May we all share the same inclinations when the time comes to meet Jesus.
by the way, my dad was the same model..1919. He's already traded in the old for the new!

Chris said...

Just going through this myself, as you know, I understand. I really do. Know I'm thinking of you and your family right now.

David said...

Thank you(s) Kathryn and Pat.
Chris, you have led and showed us the way... your family is a blessing

Anonymous said...

Dave, you are such a gifted writer. Much more than that, you are a very gifted son whose Mother taught you how to use all that God has blessed you with to the fullest! I know it will be excruciatingly painful for you and the rest of your family, but it will not be like that for your beloved Mom! She is so sweet and looks so precious in the pictures you have shared with us!

Dave, as always, pray to God for the strength and the courage to tell your Mom that when God wants to bring her home, that you will be happy for her and that you will carry on, in tribute to her, in all of the wondrous ways that you do now. Let her know that you will be there with her when it is her time, but try to convey that you will be happy for her that she gets to go live with God and that is where she will be reunited with your Dad and other beloved family and friends who have already gone on before now. Giving her that knowledge will allow her to go peacefully when it is her time.

I know that will be the hardest thing in the world to do, but, it will be the most wonderful gift you can give your Mom! She needs to know that you will keep trying, everyday, to do the very best that you can............

With Much Love,

ReJoyce said...

What a wonderful picture of your Mom. And what a blessing you are to her (and to me). "There is a time for everything, and a season..." May the Lord bless you and your Mom, and may you both find comfort and all kinds of peace in Believing.

Blessings & Hugs

jel said...

in my thoughts and prayers!

Amrita said...

Dear David your words touched my heart. Such beauty, peace and meaning in your Mother 's life.

May the Lord enfold you in His rest, peace and comfort.