Wednesday, March 03, 2010

super vivid dream

in this dream I was in a shop
run by a local business owner
it was a wrecking yard or used car parts kind of place
I wanted to ask questions and ( silly me) I parked in the driveway
and blocked some other guy from getting out.

So while I talked to the counter person
SOMEONE in the yard crushed my car
when I came out it had no windows
and the top was much lower ( to say the least)
and the apparent explanation was that they thought it was there to be recycled.
some weird combination of guilt and shame is at work here.
My car does look a bit trashy, and could be mistaken for
a candidate for the next 'cash for clunkers'

When I awoke I was sad, a bit empty and wondering who would pay to replace my car
or if anyone would take responsibility for the destruction...
then I thought.. it did not happen, my car is in the driveway
Just to be sure I peeked out the front window.
There it was. Hooray for dreams that are only dreams


Karen said...

Found this blog accidently to day and had to read it!I too had the most vivid dream last husband had left me for another MAN! Can you even imagine.....I woke up crying and then realized it was only a dream.....PTL.....nice blof.....will be back often.....Karen

Karen said...

I came on this blog today quite by accident and I just had to read it!.....You see, I too had a horribly vivid dream last husband left me for another MAN.PTL it was only a dream Let's pray for a dreamless nights sleep,

Amrita said...

Thank goodness it was just a dream David.Your insurace wouldm pay would they??? LOL.

Do you also have snow like Kathy? I have my fan on.

kenju said...

David, I would be REALLY happy that was only a dream! Hope your dreams tonight are easier to bear! LOL

Snaggle Tooth said...

Amen! Sounds like alot of anxiety is weighing on your mind!

My Truck DID break down this week- There goes a few hundred buxs n now I get to drive on eggshells til another major repair gets done- Lets hope your car continues to drive well, despite it's appearance...