Sunday, February 21, 2010

what's eating you

it seems like somethings have been eating at the rudder of the boat I just bought.
thirty year old plywood has lost its protective layer of anti-fouling paint
and become a rotten mess.... soon it will be replaced
Mister woodcraft ( myself) will make a new one. Quick.
the dolphins and other sea creatures want us to come watch them play again.

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Snaggle Tooth said...

Tasty rudder, yum yum! says the Sea Otter wearing down his teeth...
Luckily, you can do that job! Have you priced them to see what your work is worth?

David said...

the answer is $689. dear S T

Amrita said...

That looks right out of Jaws!!!

Anonymous said...

I suspect a master-woodcrafted rudder may outlast the rest of the boat! pics of the dolphin?

David said...

some days you snap photos of the creatures, some days are good for taking video... some days you just stare at the water in wonder.

Anonymous said...

No way it can cost that much. Laminate some sandiply and cover it with fiberglass and epoxy. It'll last longer than you will.
Russ in Florida