Monday, January 11, 2010


but not all that surprising

HOW HAPPY finding my car keys has made me.

I am glad I do not fret much when they are missing.

what do you NOT fret about?
and when you find something...
is it GOD or just happenstance?


Jared said...

make yourself a key ring! thats what i did and now i never lose my keys!

that or clean up a space to keep them in!

Amrita said...

I am learning slowly David.
I fret over handling accounts.

I give God the glory for all the miracles. One help came today. I have written about it.

kenju said...

I seldom lose anything, David, but if I do, I give God the credit for finding it.

Thanks for the visit; I did not lie to the state trooper (of course)!