Tuesday, December 01, 2009

what you would get for Christmas

If I was sending you a gift I would buy it here,
and send it over there
and simply send you a card that said
politely, "we have so much
and these people have so little. So I hope you don't mind that
I sent a gift to a poor family in your name. "

If your family is understanding, like mine, send a gift to Heifer.org so that others can have a better life.


Chris said...

I have and I will. ;)

Amrita said...

This is a beautiful thought David. God bless you.

sage said...

I've given many Heifer gifts over the years. Another favorite is 10,000 Villages. There you get an actual gift, but you know you're helping an artisan in an improvised country. Here today via Netchick.

David said...

good idea sage. My Christmas cards are hand made in the Philippines.

Kathryn said...

We did this a couple of years ago.

But i got really angry with them because they then began sending me frequent, expensive, high-glossy advertising trying to get me to send more $$. However, their score at Charity Navigator was good. I wrote & called & told them, "Don't waste the money i send on the mailers to me. When i can afford to contribute, i will."

But that complaint noted, i do think it is a very good idea. (We didn't go whole heifer, just a goat.)