Monday, December 21, 2009

can you imagine?

IF i was pushed around by advertising
i might think some strange things:
That more channels is a good thing.
That I really can get a new bathroom in one day.
( I can but it is out back and has a crescent moon on the door)
that a Shark steam mop will make cleaning quick and fun.
IF I believed the commercials I might be fooled into thinking
that I can make LOTS of money in Real Estate.
and I would look better if I let some DOCTOR cut pieces off my face
in just an HOUR....

Ok - so I choose not to buy the hot new toy, the smallest laptop or the Tropical vacation where I can play with Dolphins.

to be cont.


Chris said...

Hey, the Shark steam mop does making cleaning quick! Just not fun. lol

Amrita said...

I try to look away when the commercials come on

Amrita said...

I must find out wha t a Shark steam mop is