Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bing Crosby

Oh! I'm packing my grip
And I'm leav-in' to-day,
'Cause I'm takin' a trip
Cal-i-for-nia way
I'm gon-na set-tle down and nev-er more roam
And make the SAN FER-NAN-DO VALLEY my home.

I put the song on Great Minds
its grainy and scratchy with a weird guy peeking out from the side curtain
but then it fits in with the Mental health theme of that blog


David said...

I lived in the SFV for 26 years
( in the good old days )

Snaggle Tooth said...

Ah ha! That's a long time-
Hope Mom still remembers who Bing is, Mine had all his records.
I've been in this little apartment now 24 years, n in my town for 32 now.
Wish I could hit the jackpot n travel that state so I could see what you're talking about!

Amrita said...

Seems like a beautiful place to live. Loved the song.

David said...

mom has great long term memory, but has glitches appearing randomly around people and relationship. she is well, with some back pain from long term arthritis.

you know it WAS a beautiful place when we lived there, chicken ranches, Walnut trees, open spaces to play, our street was partly a dirt road in 1959.. we had a great family, THAT made for a great life.