Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ripoff report

No way, i just cant look at those gross pictures
of what people say came out of their bowels.

THIS IS HOW colon cleanser is sold
by making you think that you have ten pounds to lose by
extracting gobs of paste from your interior.
I think they lie and I know they over-charge for a
remedy that is mostly.... are you ready???..... Cat Litter

yep, fast for a while, eat clay, then flush it all out and down the drain
all while paying up to $90.00

Poo I say! why not just eat more sensibly and fast once in a while, and
IF you need more than that, cleansers are available at reputable
Health food stores for much less than $90.

places like ripoff report are good places to do research and to uncover scams.
Keep your money, don't get scammed


Snaggle Tooth said...

I've got tea that you drink every day for a week which works well. Who has the money for that stuff on TV these days? No One!

Kathryn said...

Agree. There is concensus that those awful photos are just the stuff you took to "flush it out" not what was in you already. Yuck!

Eat healthy. God made our bodies to do all this naturally.

Amrita said...

We have lots of herbal things for this stuff

jel said...

for a good colon cleanser !

cook a pot of bean and a pan of cornbread ! ;)