Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the money problem:

I solved it and
it did not take much time
the Need for more dollars for Health ( isnt it really sickness insurance?) care.
and in fact probably the greater part of the deficit. Heck, this may take care of Social Security too.

They * tax cigarettes and they tax alcohol, they tax luxury boats and cars and tires. There is a proposal to tax sodas and fruit drinks..... But if you really want to steal some money from people caught in the bind of addiction, Tax COFFEE. yes it would cause a revolt, and it would not sit well with all the coffee drinking staffers on Capitol hill, but the congress would probably exempt themselves anyway.

* YOU know who they are unless you are one of them.


Amrita said...

Hi David, hope you had a good time at the film festival.

David said...

it was ok - i worked a little, saw NO films - mostly people watching for me