Monday, August 03, 2009

up before the sun again, to converse with a very great mind

How best to look upon my garden.

Shall I look into my garden today and see only what is ripe?
will I go from plant to plant and fret that I see no red tomatoes
or no deep green squash brimming with life? Does the missing spinach and the shortened lettuce leaf mean that my garden has failed. Have I failed?
I can not spend time there only looking for produce for today! Rather I appreciate that there is coming a great abundance and that it is a harvest of greater proportions than any I have tended before.
No I will not short myself on what the garden means, nor lack the patience and, yes, faith that is required to see that as naturally as the thick lush fragrant tomato plant will produce exquisite fruit, so my arms and hands have grown strong and my leg and back muscles have exercised themselves. There is a day coming where my fruit will be apparent, abundant and a blessing to the community and the Kingdom of God.
Today is a special day, since it is the primary place in which I exist, but there is also inherent in the eternal soul a yearning for what is to come and a desire to know what is not yet.
Thanks be to Him who holds the future, who is already there, who brings it forth just as He unrolls the colors of this morning's sunrise like unfurling a banner. His message to me is a starling one: The colors in this sky pale when I look upon my favorite creation, my children, living in simplicity and joy. The purple of the clouds is a robe of regal origin that I will lay upon your shoulders as I cover you in my unending love. While you watch the sky and marvel, I watch you and say, It is good that I made that child, He is doing so well.


Donetta said...

a man who truly understands his wealth :)

Amrita said...

Count your blessings see what God has done.

This is encouragment and gratefulness.

I like to listen to meaty messages on Christian Radio, not the papmpering - feel good stuff merely.

Have you read the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan?
I know you will like it.
He 's got a website too.