Wednesday, August 19, 2009

this is ( or will be) IT!

what I am building from a kit
and hoping to complete some time this year
God willing ( and work is not too pressing)

Pray for me, I need to really focus on SEVERAL things..... Huh HOW do you focus on several things?


Amrita said...

You are very good with your hand, you will acomplish it.

Will remeber you in prayer...God 's wisdom and knowledge is yours.

Grace to you.

Kathryn said...

One at a time, i guess, David.

JOE TODD said...

What a great project. Make sure to keep us informed with pictures and comment

EcoRover said...

Beautiful boat. Had a friend that wanted to build a cedar strip canoe. He chopped the first one up and burned it, but the second one came out real good.