Wednesday, August 26, 2009

got control back

so a word of warning about
make them impossible to figure out if you can
mine was too simple I guess

its good to have my email and face book back


Amrita said...

mine are very simple too.

Amrita said...

how 's your doggie?

jel said...

WOOHOO! glad ya got it back! :)

Sleepypete said...

Good to hear you got them back :-)

Think I dodged a bullet on this one last weekend. Got malware (adverts) on my laptop, courtesy of a link from a Facebook app. Thankfully it was just annoying adverts instead of a password stealing keylogger.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Wow- That sounds like a nightmare- n a wait forever!

I haven't done Facebook yet- n without email would be terrible. Sorry this happened to you, glad it is solved.

Apparently some key-logger malware can rip off passwords, so always virus scan n purge those cookies out! Oh, Sleepy Pete already mentioned that-
Then I had a buddy who's blogger address got stolen- don't know how they managed that one!

Jean said...

Passwords have to be complicated, and one needs to change them every now and then. Too difficult. My memory isn't so huge. Maybe I should change mine too.

Tanya sent me.