Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Gardener is IN

I have tomatoes, peppers, squash plants in the ground.
Seeds for radishes and onions also hit the dirt.
lettuce plants were transplanted along side collard greens.
The dirt is something beautiful to behold, a mix of sand, clay, compost and chicken manure.
The raised boxes are about 12 to 18 inches deep and made from recycled deck boards.
Now I am going out to add some spinach seeds, way late anywhere else, but
I am only a little behind here in the mountains where the season starts mid-May and we could be frozen stiff by late September ( need greenhouse, BAD!)

I have yet to make the water distribution system so I am watering by hand.

Saturday afternoon was the big Ride the Mountain event with Harley's and their riders swarming all over the ski area parking lot. What a crowd, what leather, what tattoos! We stayed for 15 minutes and then went for lunch somewhere quiet. The County Sheriff cars were lined up and quite busy..... lots of revenue to our town from all these bikers. Plenty of noise, too.

I am watching mom much more carefully as she is starting to make more perception/judgement errors. Nothing dangerous yet but curious and leading me to want to better understand this disease ( Alzheimer's) and its stages. Do any of you know of good sources of information?


Chris said...

I wish I could get some veggies going, but living in a Condo I only have so much room on my balcony and haven't had much luck. I was going to try again this spring/summer, but as I'm moving in July, gonna hold off.

Thanks for swinging by my site though!

Zan said...

I followed you here from Tanya's blog, hallo!

Someday I shall own a plot of land, and I shall grow peas, carrots, and strawberries, the three things I drool over most each summer and can never find enough of.

Biker convention, eh? Exciting times if it's a small town. I used to live in a rural place, my dad's eyes would light up as if it were Christmas when a convoy of vehicles of some sort came to visit, be it bikes, cars, or planes. The memory makes me smile, thanks for sparking it. :)

Amrita said...

Your garden seems to be coming up nicely.

My sis and BIL are also working on theirs.

We are getting okra, aubergine, pumpkin, beans, bitter gourd.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I often wish for a greenhouse. My brother the landscaper used to have 2 large ones that had me green with envy- but he went bankrupt n had to close down.
I'm still having trouble keeping the squirrels out of the flowerpots!
Good for you getting all those going. I'm going to try late season white turnip this year. Might have to chicken-wire the flowerpots tho-

A long-time friend's Mom passed away from that disease years ago, n it is a tough road! I'd suggest your hospitals website, may list support groups to point you to good info. My friend has dyslexia, n doesn't read!