Saturday, June 06, 2009

darn you russ!

Russ is making another Kayak and he has me thinking I should make one too.
I spent half this morning looking at CLC kits and dreaming of wood chips, sawdust and the smell of fiberglass resin.... Go encourage him at "a Boy and his Dog"
Tell him he is costing me a lot in lost time that I should be spending on my current deck project.

My dear friend Amrita could use some cooler weather or more electricity, but I do not know that we can help so much with that, please though, do visit Yesu Garden and remember to pray for her mother, Hazel.

It nearly froze last night and will be cool and cloudy today, perhaps I will be brave and put the tomato plants and the squash into the ground. I held off transplanting them until I had the beds all ready
Pictures later


colleen said...

While you were researching kayak kits I've been researching cures for relfux. I'd rather be making -- no make that boating -- a kayak!

sage said...

Ed Abbey (not the real one, the faux-one who's in my blogroll), built a strip kayak. It was a beautiful boat. When I lived in Utah, at 6000 feet, I lost tomato plants late in June from freeze. I also learned uses for green tomatoes, for few ever got red before the weather changed!

Russ said...

OK, I'll admit that I may be at blame here but the real question is if you'll thank me once you get yours done. You're going to love it!!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I think I'd be worried if the kayak might be leaky!

NetChick sent me here.

JOE TODD said...

Enjoyed your posts and pictures. I finished my deck last putting together metal garden shed this year. Groundhog is eating garden..

Chris said...

I will pray for Hazel. Hope all is well.

Amrita said...

Thank you for your prayers friends.

On Sat morning we had a rainstorm which brought down the temp a bit. We are waiting for the monsoons to arrive.

Electricity plays truant.

My mom is improving.