Monday, May 04, 2009

Tip of the day for new bloggers

when having a hard time sorting many thoughts
and not knowing what to slap into a blog post, do a bullet list.

Ten thoughts on a Monday:
1. Monday dawns cloudy, no matter what the weather man said
2. To the birds it is just another piece of sky to fly in, another wedge of time for eating, nesting and rejoicing in being such a cool bird.
3. The Sun which is as constant as anything we know, has no problem with the clouds, or Monday.
4. The Oaks which have endured hundreds of winters, will announce spring in their own time and in their own way, soon. They live for summer, and glory in the power of the earth, and water and sun. Every Summer Monday is a good one for the oaks, and for acorns and squirrels.
5. Having experienced only 18 mountain winters, I am not as strong as an oak, but I am getting there. (aside- Beach boy endless summers do not make you strong or teach perseverance. )
6. Having three children DOES give me the opportunity to grow wise and gray at the same time.
7. Monday is one seventh of my week, it would be wrong to to lose any part of it complaining.
8. I love the work I am doing and the ministry God has given me, seven days a week.
9. Fasting makes me strong, in many ways. Taking away food today makes me appreciate it more on Tuesday.
10. Allowing myself juice and tea with honey is practicing self love, self care.


Kathryn said...

Thank you for the instruction!

I take it you're starting to feel better? How is the tiling coming along?

Here's a Monday smile for you. :)

And a couple more. :) :)

Monday always mean i go down the hill away from home. So it is hard not to complain about that!

Kathryn said...

I've just tagged you to post your fourth pic from your fourth album. I don't know why this is popular. I of course had to put a twist on it (i can't do anything straight). !!!

Hope you want to play & enjoy it. :)

Fred said...

Luve the bullet points. I used to put posts together like this, but haven't recently.

About the three children, I totally agree. The wrinkles multiply daily.