Sunday, May 24, 2009


what a word, and what a concept!
I believe it is transforming to realized that Now is
Then was, and Later may or may not be,
but My magnificent NOW is the best it has ever been and is filled with
the Goodness of God and the power of me, meeting up against or in tune with all of the natural surroundings and the human elements that inhabit my world.

Let me give you a sample of my Now, and then I will take Now into my work world.

Right Now I have my mom
Right Now I have a healthy body and ( some would say) a sound mind
Right Now I have bright sunshine and amazing mountains lavishing their warmth on me
Right Now I am loved by family, friends, and my beautiful children
Right Now I see the way God's grace has strengthened me for this moment
Only Now can I use my mind, body and talents for good and for the purpose that God has for me

I can not fix or change what was THEN, I tried and failed back then to be, do and say the perfect combination of things that would make me 'right'. When I think about then, I see what was missing, what was wrong or what could have been. Loss, pain and disappointment for me were there in the past, but have no place right now.
Similarly, the future is a fool's guessing game. How many had it all figured out two years ago but now can not see how they will make it work today? too many I fear. No one of us has a guarantee of ten more days on the earth or ten more years.
we only have Now, and we should seek the strength to know what that means.

and Now, I have to go to work, more on this......... ( you guessed it) .... Later!

sorry about all those past posts where I did not understand this and whined, or complaiined


Marda Mischa said...

How beautifully written! There is only power in the NOW, for this moment is what we live for.
I can relate completely; it takes focus to really just appreciate that you are where you are now. To be able to look around you and see such blessings is a wonderful thing. You have inspired me, thank you!

Netchick sent me.

Amrita said...

Very true indeed Davud.

The now moment has to be lived in, appreciasted, valued and be thankful for


That is one thing I have to do, too. I must concentrate on the Now....and not the past or the future. Thanks.

You asked about my mother. She is doing better in the past few days then she has been since Mother's Day. Some meds had to be removed. She is losing some of the feeling in her hands/feet. Chemo was increased to try to shrink more...but now chemo is giving her problems. I am worried.

Trying to follow what you wrote and concentrate on the Now that I have with her.

Snaggle Tooth said...

A very positive way to view life!
I'm really good at whining at work myself.
This will help me at home, but not at work I think-

There was never a life-time allottment guarantee-

Happy NOW!

Terry said...

dear david s,
thanks for bringing that beautiful sunset to my blog.
it makes me so happy to have you as a follower.
my what a happy person that you have become and that just thrills me.
i have added my name here and as i have done that, i will be determined to visit you more my dear terry

Carmi said...

Such wise perspective from a wise man. I often find myself tangibly mulling over similar thoughts, but it's not often that I see it outlined so clearly, in words that deserve to be printed and stuck on the fridge.

Tanya would approve. Love your playground analogy over there, btw. Totally agree!

ReJoyce said...

Wow, David, this is good...very good. And it fits my life very well also. Thanks for sharing these wise words. May God continue to richly bless you and may you find all kinds of peace in believing in Him!!