Tuesday, April 28, 2009

new kind of sicko

no ( mom), its NOT the swine flu
but it kicks like a mule!

almost one week has been sacrificed to this
head stuffing, back aching, nose running mess.

I am well enough to work, so i will do some of that tomorrow morning.

God is blessing me with such insight and such beautiful conversations
I am thrilled to know that He who waited a long time for me to understand the simplest things is now wanting to reveal to me the deeper things and unravel the mysteries that had eluded me in my years of selfishness and indulgence. Every day I learn something. Each step I take feels significant because it leads me closer to Him. Having friends that know the Lord and honor Him is an enormous blessing and one I will never take for granted.


Russ said...

Do I get to be counted as one of those friends who know Him?

David said...

and IF they kayak, well then - all the better!
Kingdom friends are long lasting (to say the least)