Friday, April 03, 2009

Friday gettin country fried

you know who rocks?
Dwight Yoakam.
he has just enough twang in his voice for me
and some strum in his git tar.
I guess its a lot of two step dance music
I never learned to dance, sorry Dolly!
Twooda bin naaassss


colleen said...

It took me 15 years of living in the country as a transplant from Massachsuetts to like country and now I really do, but I'm not familiar with Yokam except for his role in that movie that I can't think of the name of where the man with developmental disabilities goes off on Yokum who plays an abusive boyfriend. Netchick spun me this way.

David said...

Dwight does a great redition of Buck owens songs also.

he is all over Youtube

craziequeen said...

I'm a bit more old school.....I like Loudon Wainwright - he's a brilliant songwriter who has a healthy sense of humour...

Oh, and you can't beat a bit of boot scootin' boogie with Travis Tritt :-)

Came over from Tanya's to see what else we have in common - so many miles apart...


Chris said...

D-wight rocks!

Pearl said...

He does Buck Owens covers too?

I've been away from country so long. It sure is changing in sound with "young county".

netchick sent me...

Snaggle Tooth said...

Sometimes I wish I had an Ipod, n time to listen to more tunes.
(I don't do U-tube believe-it-or-not! Someday when I have a machine that has high-speed n doesn't take an hour to down load-)
I've seen sing him on TV a few times, n he's good alright-
I still have Buck Owens LPs somewhere!

Emme Rogers said...

Hi David,

Coming from Net Chick's 'Meet n' Greet'. Love the name of your site!

Hope the two-stepping was fun! I do love a man in a cowboy hat and with a swagger in his step.