Saturday, March 28, 2009

Movie review, caution, spoiler

after a really long week I headed to the Village theater for two hours of distraction, I got more than I bargained for.


Thankfully I like Nicolas Cage and he was paired with decent costars so that acting was ummm acceptable ( i know nothing about acting except what I learned in High school drama club. )

I guess my complaint is with the utter simplicity of the writing, and the underlying premise.
Perhaps I was uncomfortable in my comfy reclining movie chair because the story seemed to LEAVE GOD OUT, and in fact to specifically make aliens our savior.
For those who have read The Book, the ending IS really messy,
but you don't have to go through it.
I won't belabor that point here, write me if you wish to discuss it, I am a good conversationalist.

The LOGIC thing is what I just can't suspend, and so it really gets me in trouble.
If your spacecraft is capable of interstellar travel why does it take 15 minutes to fold up for take off? Why is your elevator slower than anything Otis ever made?
OK here is the big one, for you big brained aliens who KNOW our future perfectly;
Why wait until a few hours before the end of the earth to save us??? huh Huh?
I got you now! Dummies, Stupido buffoons.
If you knew about this for so long how come you waited so long to move the new Adam and Eve to the next place? and while I am at it, why bring a bunch of two seater space ships when you could have made a special school bus sized Cargo ship so we could all have fun sharing cupcakes and juice boxes on our journey?

I have more, but even I am tired or reading this sillyness.
Go - have a nice day, God is in control.


craziequeen said...

No, 'Knowing' has 'avoid' written all over it......we went to see Marley and Me.

It was touted as a fun chick flick about a couple with a young puppy, but with no warning that it would graphically show said dog's passage through life and devote an inordinate amount of time on the very sad passing of the elderly dog with no 'upbeat' at all for the audience....never seen so many people leave a cinema in tears...


Kathryn said...

I also have problems with various things. Haven't seen this movie.

We used to watch "Supernatural." I'm not afraid of being "contaminated" by things with the dark side (my mother is fearful of such things). Harry Potter is a good story, nothing more. But more & more i'm seeing programs/movies that leave God out. "Charmed" was a program of "good witches" trying to fight evil. But they did it with their own power & goodness, so after a few episodes i didn't bother.

Now, "Supernatural" is two brothers along the same line. One believes in God, but the other is atheist. But they fight demons, etc. What really got me was when they introduced angels into the program. Their angels don't seem any better than their demons. And their angels told the atheist brother that he is their "only hope." !!!

I know God is inscrutable & at times does things i don't understand, but i do not believe that he will, at any time, send angels who are more devious & manipulative than the demons. Stopped watching this, too.

I know this is long!

I guess as the end draws nearer (whenever it will be) we will see more of God left out, supernatural praised & sought, & Christianity questioned & ridiculed.

But David was talking logic, where as i'm talking theology.

Thanks for the post, David. Hope you're having a good week.

Lindab said...

Hello from Scotland! Love these birds soaring in the blue sky. I enlarged the photo and saw all the different tints of light on their wings.

Russ said...

So... ummmm... I guess this means you didn't like it???

Jeff said...

So you're saying the movie wasn't good because it was basically a scientology promo? jk. Hi!

Snaggle Tooth said...

I think Cage's old "City of Angels" was pretty good tho-

I hate movies that don't keep realistic suspension of belief in Sci-Fi with unlikely tech-mechanical issues such as you described. Sounds like the director just didn't do the research.

Amrita said...

Not too fond of Alien type movies either, except a few , like MIB - its the special effects for me.

I like Nicholas Cage BTW.

What was the name of the movie?

Bob-kat said...

I can't stand films that don't hold up to basic logic either. I can suspend disbelief but at least make it feasible rather than an obvious plot device. I hate it when film makers treat me like I'm stupid. It leaves a nasty taste in the mouth and a rant on the tongue...

Netchick sent me this time. Fancy seeing you there!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

You know, Bob-kat was talking today about how movies were insulting her intelligence. And I certainly haven't been to many lately; I'd rather stay home and read. (Last night became Family Movie Night, however.)

I have realized lately that my expectations for movies have been lowered. All I want now is a fun ride. I'll save all the rest for books.

Star said...

Thanks. I may hit a movie on Wed. and I will cross that one off the maybe list. Once yu involve aliens to the rescue, it's just more disbelief than I can suspend. Netchick sent me.

Bob-kat said...

Netchick insisted I came back and commiserated with you. You've visited my blog so you know I hate it too when a film doesn't hang together. Sometimes it'd be so nice to get a couple of hours of your life back don't you think?

Carmi said...

I'm not sure when Nic Cage went off the rails. He's the perfect example of the Oscar Curse. The guy can't seem to pick the right script now that he's got the statue on his mantel. Sad, really, as he's a wonderfully gifted actor.

Dropped by from Tanya's to thank you for the artistic perspective. I need to get to a theatre one of these days: I'm spending too much time alone!

colleen said...

Maybe I'll skip this one.

Mar said...

I'll skip this one, David. Tanya sent me over to read your review and to say hello. HELLO!

carli said...

Wow. I wasn't going to see this movie, but now it sounds so freaking ridiculous I might just have to. I'm not a very religious person and I'm open to different ideas on the end of the world (especially in a work of fiction like this movie), but this just sounds stupid. Didn't Nic Cage once have self-respect? Or at least pay someone to choose movie projects for him that didn't totally stink?

BTW, regarding your post over at Carmi's, I don't know if you have similar programs where you are, but in NY you actually can donate venison to the homeless.