Friday, March 20, 2009

first day of Spring

I worked really steadily this winter to keep my physical strength and mental health and I am so happy to arrive at the is first day of the new season in GOOD shape.
Not great, but certainly better than previous years when I came out of hibernation.

This winter was the first for me as full time at mom's doing care service.
It was the most snow we have had in 5 years or more.
I managed to kayak in the months of November, January, February and now March.
I now have the challenge of clearing out my old place and moving what I want to keep into storage and dumping the rest of it. This is hard for me; both to do the physical, on site packing and moving (again) and the emotional work of letting a lot of stuff/ memories go.

I have longer days and warmer nights to help, less firewood to carry/ stack/ burn, more friends to spend time with. I just need to buckle down, and do it.


Snaggle Tooth said...

Good for you staying in shape thru the cold season.
Good luck with going thru stuff- I'm terrible at parting with sentimental items, n I have so many of them because of the long list of departed souls in my journey.

Amrita said...

Glad to hear that spring has arrived in your part of the world.You have done a great job caring for your Mom and working in the house.

I know letting go of sentimenal stuff is very hard. My Mom finds it harder and I let go because of her

Is March 20th the official day for the arrival of spring?