Thursday, March 12, 2009

Final exam?

please pray for me
I am trying to do something that is very challenging and not very rewarding
( if you know me, or if you are like me, I usually pick things that are very rewarding and not too challenging)
So this is a good test of what God has put inside me.
perhaps a test also of how much of God I have incorporated into my life.

I am blessed to have praying friends like you.
I am blessed
I do not take lightly that God gave me this blog
and this voice, and this heart to cry out for healing
for deliverance and complete restoration
of a very wounded soul.

Be with me Father, God.


jel said...

ya got it friend! ;)

Amrita said...

Be assured of my prayers.

Here is verse for you -

With the lord is unfailing love and with Him is full redemption.
Psalm 130;7

Chris Mathieson said...

My best wishes to you in what sounds like a significant struggle. Your faith will bolster you when you need it (but maybe not when you want it), it will guide you (if you listen attentively) and it will restore you (when you feel you have nothing left.)

You have my best wishes.

Chris said...


C Woods said...

Don't you see the irony here? In your previous post, you wrote : "Only you can be responsible to get your stuff taken care of..." Now in this one, you want other people to pray for you and you want God to take care of your problem. Don't YOU need to take care of your "stuff" as you are advising someone else to do?

As Robert Ingersoll said, “Hands that help are nobler than lips that pray.”

David said...

cw, Irony aside, I know God and I know that He asked me to pray and that He also expects me to work.
The Ingersoll quote does not say that lips should not pray, not that I would heed it, if he did. My responsibility is to the One creator, and His son, Jesus Christ. Only through Him do I have the ability to do any work with my hands or my words. I will pray for you this morning when I gather with my brothers and sisters to celebrate the resurrection. I bid you peace.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I hope the test went alright.
disd you pass?