Sunday, March 22, 2009


Yesterday was an easy ( but long) drive
I guess I put on about 300 miles over 12 hours
and yes I did get to lay on the beach ( more about that later)

Today I feel like a shut in ( no offense to actual shut ins)
listening to my churches service on the net.
The snow isn't all that much but the baby car tires are almost bald and I do not want to meet the spring break idiots that most certainly are out there terrorizing the highways. I will stay home and make plans for all the yummy stuff I got at Trader Joe's.

7 pm update - mom is well rebounded from her long day
and the Trader Joe goodies are getting hit hard.


PI said...

300 miles is a long drive to me. Good idea to rest up today. Sunday should be a day of rest. Well done for making it in the spring in good shape.
Tanya sends her best.

jel said...

300 miles, to me would be like 3 trips to town and back ;)

hope ya had a good time !

take care

PI said...

David: Tanya sent me back again. I think everybody has gone to bed and I'm just about to. Have a nice week.

Mar said...

I agree: 300 miles is a long drive...
Tanya sent me to say hello to you this fine morning! Have a wonderful Monday :)

Amrita said...

That 's a lot of driving. Take good rest.

I have a strep throat so I feel tired easily. Tomorrow I have called a guy to do my Mom 's bloodwork.

Terry said...

Hey David S,
You are way too kind!...Love Terry

Sage said...

When I lived out West, 300 miles seemed like nothing! But now, it seems like a long ways... Glad you got to enjoy the beach a little

Bob-kat said...

The rest sounds like a good plan. I don't know what Trader Joe's sells but the word 'goodies' is good enough description of something enjoyable for me. Enjoy!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Hope your vehicle is holding up okay-
Been a long time since I traveled, due to Little Trucks current malady list. I still don't even have a spare tire-
Happy trails