Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sit, stay!

if God were a dog trainer
and I were a pup
what would He say?

If he could use weather to
reign me in, this weeks message would be
"get into THE BOOK,
start praying
and do not jump about so much!"

it looks like a week of storms with a few breaks for grocery runs
plenty of snow shoveling, little use for the kayak buried in the snow.
I need to hear Him and learn, NOW
pray for me.

its all working out just fine
so I am making cookies
with mom.

holy smokes, who said sharing a kitchen would be easy?


PI said...

When I have finished this its my prayer time and you will be included and the people in Victoria Australia.
We have been snowed in for days - very unusual here - but as my husband has a clinic tomorrow we hope it will clear by then. Take care.

craziequeen said...

Hey David, I am also praying those struggling with Mother Nature and the effects of her weird sense of humour.

btw - the clothes are now beautifully pressed and put away, it's a clean way of finishing a chore and moving on.

I just popped by to say I don't know how my pictures got that lavender hue; it may have had something to do with the lack of natural light in the snowstorm I was taking the photos in! :-) But they are incredibly peaceful - and a BIG improvement on the revolting slushy stuff out there now :-(

Chris said...

Consider yourself happily prayed for. Now get out there and photograph the birds and anything else that makes me love and miss BB even more please! Oh, and photograph your tree house with snow on it. My boys keep asking about it. lol

mw said...

We've had several days of above 0f weather and sun, which has been a welcome respite. I'll include a prayer for you in my next moonlight foray.

Charles Bjørnsen Ravndal said...

It's snowing as well in our place but since I am in the tropics now so I am sort of enjoying the warm weather.

Anyway, Tanya sent me!

Bob-kat said...

Great snow pics. I clicked on the landscape to embiggen it looks amazing!

The snow is beautiful but it can certainly bring disruption to people's lives.

Snaggle Tooth said...

How could you tip toe barefoot in the snow? Bbbrrhh!
Tougher to stay happy when there's no lake ride, huh?

Sharing a kitchen with picky folks is never easy! Every one has their own way to do things- I would've driven my Mother nuts too! I always drip-dry, she always towel-dried- n where things are supposed to be, "No this way!", then there's the "Hey, who ate my stuff? thing...
Hope the cookies were good.
(prayers every day for you, as usual)