Friday, February 13, 2009

Pathways to eternity

i used to track visitors here ( years ago)
now I just simply appreciate this place to express myself
to grow and live out loud amongst my blogger friends and family

there are two new blogs coming up, that excites me.
many have gone dormant, and that, while sad, is a part of the cycle of e-life.
It is time consuming to write and read this stuff, but it CAN and DOES change lives, and so I continue, closing in on 1000 posts and four years of blogging!

More importantly, I have learned so much. I have cried with you. I have been caught up in your lives, and prayed for you. I have seen healing, and loss. I have learned more about myself and tried to let my life be open to you ( somewhat) so that you can see my path.
It is not meant to be your path or the only path. It is the way I have gotten here with the grace of God and the love and support of my friends and family. If it is up to me, I will post another thousand, and go many more years. If something changes, I will boil this thing down into my book.
Know this about me now:
I love the life God has given me, and the friends and family I have.
I embrace my past and pull from it the wonderful happy moments and the sad ones, too.
I am committed to giving all I have to the causes of health, wholeness, and integrity.
Walk with me if your path is leading in this direction.
You are welcome to be my traveling companion, on this upward, flower strewn trail!

--------------- speaking of traveling, head on over to CrazieQueen's Blog Party-----
it is the only way you will see me in a virtual tuxedo, all weekend long!


Gary Jones said...

What are the 2 new blogs?

You left me sitting on the edge :|

PS - Netchick sent me

craziequeen said...

Hi David - it has been a pleasure to walk side by side with you in the blogosphere for the last few years.

Netchick sent me here tonight to remind me how lucky I am to have all these blogfriends who care about me.




mw said...

I love your statement 'It is not meant to be your path or the only path'. I like the humility and the confident strength you show.

So much that you have written here is compelling and powerful - I agree that it has (and does) change lives.

Know that you have my best wishes and prayers, and that I truly appreciate what you write, and hope that you do get the chance for a thousand more posts.

Be well, and thank you!

Jennifer Priest Personal Coach said...

Hi There,
Netchick sent me. I think there may be two of us visiting at the same time, but more the merrier.

Thanks for sharing your insights and lessons so openly and honestly.

I think it is wonderful that you recognize that everything is cyclical. In this way everything is forever.

I look forward to seeing your new blogs.

utenzi said...

Netchick sent me over also, David.

We've got a similar lineage. I started up my blog 4 years ago come April. My girlfriend at the time wanted a blog and asked me to show her how to set one up. She stopped blogging almost immediately and I never pulled the plug. Odd. It does kinda grow on you---and you can't be out paddling on the water all the time, eh?

Take care and enjoy CQ's merry party.

flleenie said...

Netchick sent me...


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Time to head to the party!

NetChick sent me here.

craziequeen said...

hey sweetie - you look goooood in a virtual tux :-))


Dorothy said...

Wish I knew what a virtual tuxedo was...interesting..

Dorothy from grammology


Thank you for the heartfelt words. It is nice that there are Blogger's who write purely to express what they feel/know is important.

Carmi said...

I'm so glad my path has crossed yours, David. So much of your life's philosophy resonates with me, and I look forward to the next 4 years, the next 1,000 entries, and more.

Thanks to Tanya - this time - for sending me your way. Supper sounds good, btw.