Wednesday, January 07, 2009

in my kitchen today

I am making beef jerky ( oven style, 4 to five hours) from a beautiful London broil that I got for less than $2 /lb.
I am finishing a pot of Turkey soup ( lots of vegetables needed and some egg noodles I think)
Later - just because it looks like fun, I will be making some caramel apples, with help from a package, of course.
i precooked some pork chops and Italian sausages for the freezer.

I hope the smells of all this don't make me crazy
I am drinking water and juice and praying for Barbara, and her son Keven
and believing God for a miracle for a friend's sister.
Thanking God for my new blog friend Amrita whose testimony is sound and whose blog is found HERE


Snaggle Tooth said...

Wish I had more cookin time. Enjoy all those goodies!

Amrita said...

Hi David,that is some feast. Wish i was in the neighbourhood to gate crash.

I made cured salt beef yesterday.Takes about 2 weeks to cure it in brine.

Thanks for linking me.