Saturday, January 10, 2009

Head Chef reports:

Last night mom had 4 cheese ravioli and a Italian sausage with a dinner salad.
I had the same while listening to some OLDIES, and concocting a very light chili in the crock pot.
it smells yummy after simmering all night, and I have high hopes that it will be tasty enough without too much spiciness.

( Have you read the email joke about the inexperienced chili taster at a Texas chili contest?
email me for it, very hilarious, rated PG-16)

Today my sister Laurel ( see amazon) is coming so I am making a special 5 star lunch.
Her visits to mom are so helpful and her encouragement to me is like water to a thirsty hiker.
We have always shared so much, but the bond is closest now. For that I am ever so grateful.

in reviewing some of my old posts, I am finding and marking some of the better poetry, which I will be re-writing and refining as time allows, for now the all have the label poetry if you want to search that way. Thanks for reading.

I better start on the fruit salad, yum!


jel said...

hope ya had a good visit today!

Snaggle Tooth said...

I haven't done labels! Don't have time to sort old posts either! I'm still not a converted to new blogger! (no widgets)
I remember you had some really good ones back there someplace in the past 4 years! Thanks, now I can find them again.

Blond Girl said...

Hey David. I make a white chicken chili that is not hot or spicy (kids and elders love it as much as the adults) but is packed with flavor. Let me know by comment at my blog if you'd like the recipe; I'm happy to share with a fellow cooking fan!