Sunday, January 11, 2009

a day at a time

time is more precious to me now
so I won't throw away big blocks of it.
I want to know what is happening in my own heart
and in my world ( i say that to delineate it from THE world)

I used to mark the calendar with future events
( and that still has its merits) but now I find I am
wanting a calendar marked with
"Amazing things that happened today"
like a diary, but simpler.

This blog is a possible starting place for a non paper reminder
of what is going on around here.

I wish to never take for granted the grace and amazing love of God toward myself and my family. I am going to be very active in first living the best life I can, by His enabling, and then capsulize a few of the days highlights for myself ( mostly) so that I am reminded of His great love and power. When it got dark last evening, i did not turn on the lights right away, letting the fire in the wood stove be the only man made light in the room.
The day had progressed perfectly, and I wanted it to last. Lunch was amazingly beautiful to see and delightful to taste. I wish I had a picture of the lime green Jello mold full of fresh fruit, it was "electric" and so refreshing with the spinach salad, grilled tuna and butternut squash. A cup of fresh hot coffee gave mom just enough Go-power to make the walk to the end of the street. When we made it back home - she sat by the fire, warmed a bit and then took a long nap.
She is becoming sweeter, and more appreciative each day, and only struggles a bit ( don't we all) with bouts of grumpiness or self criticism. I do my best to remind her that she is doing just what she should be, as we approach her 90th birthday. When we get out her 3 prescriptions I voice my wonder that she is so drug free, when others have ten or more pills a day to keep them going. We have a happy healthy mountain lifestyle, which means we slow considerably during the cold and snow season, but spring is on its way! Thank you, creator of all, for Saturday, I could not wait any longer to lock some of it in to this part of my written memory bank.


CozyMama said...

it is good to recall the good things daily.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Every day is a gift given to us.
You're so lucky to have all this time with your mother!
It does get tough to remember the good moments after a couple rough days tho-
Good idea, it may come in handy later-

Janet said...

I love this post about your Mom :-) She sounds like an amazing woman!

Anonymous said...

Great post! Gratitude is the best attitude, as they say. Sometimes I need that reminder.

Bone said...

"I'm writing it down in case I forget" is a thought I keep in mind. And it's a big part of blogging for me. To record these moments as they pass, before they are forgotten.

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