Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Finally, it is December and

we have snow
and I have aching muscles
but am getting stronger
and more thankful to God
for all the blessings
(even the cold white ones)
that He is showering upon me

I mix happy and sad, and
hopeful with resolute
and come up with a me I can live with

My tree house is so cozy in a blowing snowstorm
( as long as the covers are up to my nose)

pics of the snow to come for you sunbelt folks.....

Mom got her massage today from the talented Lisa
what a Godly and sweet woman
she comes to our family as an angel
with healing in her hands


Russ said...

Finally, it is December and... we celebrate the birth of Christ. At this point, nothing else is as important...
Merry Christmas David!!

CozyMama said...

i bet your tree house is cozy. my weekend at Big Bear over a year ago was probably one of the best we have ever had. some day we will make it back even though we are now in TX. have a wonderful day.

Snaggle Tooth said...

We had a dusting yesterday but it melted after I got to drive home in it at 2 am.
Hibernating is always recommended.
You need the Snuggie thing my daughter got me- a fleece blanket with sleeves n snaps to walk around in.

CozyMama said...

hi again! hope you are doing well.

Mar said...

Happy holidays, David!