Friday, December 26, 2008

candles high surf, and a tree tossed too early

at Laurel's warmth was everywhere.

On my walks to the Santa Monica pier
warmth was earned by exertion, climbing those hills and stairs! The huge surf and high winds kept most people IN, so I had plenty of space to roam.

Pet peeve#324: People who throw out the tree on Dec 26th. You might as well be a Muslim or a Jehovah's witness. I touched this tree, it was fresh and very green feeling. Someone has a disorder ( ya think??) there.
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Russ said...

I love the beach!! Where are the photos taken?

Bob-kat said...

That tree makes me sad. Don't they know there are twelve days of Chrsitmas?!

Love your candle pics in particular and I also liked the ones over at Picassa. Lots of textures but expecially the small leaves and the grain of the wood in another shot :)

colleen said...

I don't see any snow here! I feel sad for that tree. Is it really over that fast? Netchicking.

David said...

snow pics are in the albums
( right sidebar)

Snaggle Tooth said...

If you're only using the tree one day, then why couldn't you find some one with no tree n just donate it? What a waste!

Some folks are So impatient!

It's unacceptable to toss the tree until New Years Day in our family traditions.
(I had no tree this year)

Yep- Great spot there!