Wednesday, December 03, 2008


i love shopping for books on Amazon

and I love dreaming of sailboats that are sold on

and I guess I am (sorta) addicted to this internet/blog/ keyboard thingee.

oh and Michele's blog, famous for the "meet n greet" has closed.
it is kind of sad.
but not as sad as the people who ran GM into the ground.
Yes, Mr. Auto worker, you can kill the goose that lays the golden eggs,
but then you just have a dead goose.


Phoenix said...

I thought about it too... hosting the meet and greet... maybe we can all get together and chat about it? Maybe come up with a system so everyone takes a turn? Or maybe just start up a blog to host it?

Anonymous said...

amen my brother.... they don't call it Generous Motors for nothing!

Rob was saying the other day that there are 9 well-paid retirees with full benefits PER 1 auto worker!!! That means the price of cars is NOT because of the cost of Labor! NO! It's because of the cost of those who are still paid as though they are working, when in fact they are not!

I don't want to cut the legs out from under any GM old folks, I'm just saying that it was a stupid idea to think it would last forever.

:-) Remember back in the 80's when all the auto workers were FREAKED OUT about being replaced with robots?!?! It was a huge deal here. Maybe they should have let the plants get a few robots nad then the companies wouldn't have felt it necessary to send so many jobs overseas!

From a (not so) unbiased observer!

Charmarie said...

I adore Amazon, sometimes I get lost on there.

Martha said...

Just stopping in from the new meet and greet to say hello! Unfortunately I didn't know Michele, just found out about the meet and greet - either way, nice to meet you :-)

Snaggle Tooth said...

I think it's depressing to see Michelle give it up! She's been doing her interactive game ever since I first started blogging, n so many nice blog bluddies owe their friend n commentor finding to her!

The internet is a fun addiction- n I'd be so much lonelier without it- As I'm sure manty will be without Michelle!
Best of luck to her!