Monday, October 27, 2008


days end, sun settling low
reward for the days labor
a pause that cleanses mind and releases the spirit
the dip of paddles in the calm shallow water

working muscles, rhythmic breath
soft spoken conversation
a fat fish jumps and leaves a perfect ring

the life of the lake is quieting toward dusk
as the couple push on toward the golden horizon
none of this life is easy anymore
but it helps to not be so alone anymore

kayak holding two, moving as one
as arms shoulders and back muscles
bring the busy mind into submission
just feel the paddle, hear the birds
let the sights and smells wash away
the hard work of giving up,
growing up, and living up to all I can be.

1 comment:

Snaggle Tooth said...

Thanks for bringing my mind on a mini-vacation out on the lake- I really need that calm moment to unwind this week!
I haven't talked to anyone having it easy lately-