Thursday, October 23, 2008

Welcome home Rick

Two weeks on the Atlantic ocean must have been tough to bear.
I am so glad you are back and will see you this weekend, hopefully.
You are a wonderful brother to me and such a vital part of our family, thanks for all you do for myself and mom, and being so patient with each of us. We have worked through these many years to clear the brush and brambles from our relational paths, and now we stand ready for the next season and all the excitement it will bring.

Happy travels to my brilliant and talented sister on her trip to Canada. May the splendor of fall's display remind us all of the wonder of a planet made for our enjoyment and prosperity. Thank you for seeing the value in my dream, for helping finance the treehouse project and talking to me so often, as I sort out the past years, and plan for the brighter, better future.

I salute my older sister in Florida on starting a new business, and filling a need, serving people and doing so in an ethical, sensitive way. I am so inspired by your strength and energy. You give so much to your children and grandchildren, it will all come back t- you a hundred fold, as God sees your love, and wraps you in His love this day.

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