Tuesday, October 21, 2008

random things

moved some firewood today ( avocado smells great)

Using a laptop is not so bad (esp when watching Fox news in bed)

so glad for my friends and family during stressful times

a cat visited with me today - making me want a kitty when my tree house is completed

anger is a gift, if you realize that and use it for your own good

my brother crossed the Atlantic ocean TWICE this month on the QE2
(and all i will get is a lousy t shirt)

please pray for wisdom for me

and for strength for mom as she continues getting more mobile

Thank God for good people who do ordinary jobs well


jel said...

have a great day , and my best to your mom! ;)

Carmi said...

Your mom's in my thoughts and prayers.

Cool about your bro and the QE2 - I was reading about its arrival in New York last week alongside the QM2...so poignant to be heading back for the last time after 39 years.

My late grandfather hated to fly, and took a ship across the Atlantic when I was a kid. We still have the pictures and the stories. Such richness.

New Thematic Photographic theme is up at my place. I've gone the "happy" route this week, as I thought it would bring you a smile.