Friday, September 19, 2008

Tree apartment news

so many new ( small and large) changes and additions to the tree house:
a deck and ramp attach it to the main house
felt on the roof to make it rain tight ( shingles coming soon.)
installed 4'x8' picture window in living room
trim outside making the siding look nearly finished ( paint soon)
one of the front doors is in place,
all of it looking great
thanks to the crew and the young tree house builder, Jared
who has been my inspiration so many times.

i guess i will go over to the meet n greet to see what is new......


phoenix said...

We need more pictures! :P Thanks for stopping by the new place. Muah!

Carmi said...

I can only begin to imagine what it'll be like to experience life in it once it's completed. We all want to live in a tree house as children. You get to live the dream as an adult. How cool is that?

Joe said...

Sounds like it is really coming along, and I am waiting for more pictures.