Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Good Bye September

last day at my OLD abode,
soon to be living HIGHER in the trees,
but since it is not quite ready yet
I will do with Dog sitting, sleeping in the park,
and working 24 hours ( so that I am not squatting) at my jobs.


October calls to me that it is time to cut and split
more firewood ( i wonder where I packed Dr. Stihl?)

I am So glad I did not have to move the furniture
or all the kitchen stuff. (whew)
WHO collects and buys all this crap when I am not looking???
Grrrr, slightly mad at my ( packrat) self.
but generally more forgiving than in the past.

1 comment:

Melli said...

You are LIVING in a TREE HOUSE??? How COOL is THAT!!! Every little boy's dream... and you made it come true! WOW! Yea... I guess since YOU don't have a basement, I'll take ALL the former political analysts in mine! We'll teach 'em all how to flip burgers and give 'em a little white hat!