Sunday, August 31, 2008

soon to church, but first an update

I took some more pictures of the tree house last evening.
I am very proud of the progress and so thankful to the many hands that have contributed.
the design is fabulous as it unfolds ( like a big market umbrella)
and the space will be small, so my efficiency and neatness will need to improve.
Life, right now is about getting down to the essence. Using my heart, talent and brain to make less seem like more.

I lost an important relationship a couple months ago, it hurt, a lot, but did not kill me, so I guess I am getting stronger. My work, my family my friends keep me sane as I look forward to fall, and the move to my 400 sqare feet of "writers room" artist's retreat/ midlife madness.

wireless access soon, at home, i think

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