Monday, August 04, 2008


made it through the weekend and the festivities in fine shape.
It was so nice to have time with family and friends.
We even took a boat ride Sunday evening ( after the tourists have gone)
She enjoyed the fresh air and the water, and seeing m kids having fun with their dad the day before the high school senior went back to classes.

Its so good in here I thank God continually for the beauty, for the work and for the increasing vision.

Today, it rained a bit.

Our local runner, Ryan Hall, is leaving soon for the Olympics to compete in the marathon. The whole town is crazy about this and rightly so, it is a big deal when a skinny kid from the cross country team goes on ( through Stanford) to run in the Olympics. I was in the Blog Olympics once, but do not remember winning anything.
so as the say here in town, "run, Ryan, run!

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Snaggle Tooth said...

I'll be cheering for Ryan from the NorthEast USA-
That's great to know someone in the Games.