Tuesday, July 01, 2008

checking in from the internet cafe

to say
Its July
and HOT
and I am mostly happy
and very well

still dreaming of a tree house
(see May 11 2005 for my other post on this )
and now I MUST build it

and so the design is taking shape and soon the deck/floor
maybe as soon as next weekend.

Work is way slow
money is tight
Gas has been at $4.79 for a while
and still the hoards of tourists will ascend
the mountain to crowd around our 3000 acre lake.

Oh well, maybe I will find some new clients this


Chris said...

Please don't be mad. I will be one of those tourists who will be ascending to your town during Labor Day weekend. I live down in here in the concrete jungle. Please share your glorious lake and town with me for a weekend? I'll bring you a cupcake if you do! lol

Heather said...

Michele sent me. I understand the tight money situation. I can't avoid driving 60 miles into Raleigh twice a week and things have been tight on this side as well. I would love to be able to vist your mountain and lake.


I am glad that you are mostly happy. I hope that whatever little un-happinesses go away. :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th!

craziequeen said...

Hope you're having a wonderful holiday weekend, david - with lots of new clients :-)

It's raining here in the UK - again...


Phoenix said...

Glad your back and hope you found some new clients. ;-)

Hope your Fourth was fun and safe.

Snaggle Tooth said...

There's always a bright pay-off side to tourist season!

I can't believe $4.79! We're fortunate to still see 4.07 here- there must be more State tax on fuel there.

Hope those fires don't interfere with your life this year!

I want a tree house...
(wish I could even pay for lumber)
Tight is an understatement!


I hope that your financial situation gets better soon. :-)